Chris Maker

150924.098 With degrees in Art, Architecture and City Planning, Chris integrates his talents to design structures that far exceed function. Chris’s studio is in the same classic mid-century Phoenix complex where Amy and I now have our work/live space. His naturally playful intensity contributed to some delightfully expressive images.

J D Roland

131103.004.kbwLate 2013 – Chillin in Santa Fe with Ted and his poet brother Joe Nuttall (pen name, J D Roland). Sadly, in July, Joe moved on to the next great adventure. Though I’m pleased to have had the chance, over the past few years, to hang out and get to better know Joe.


131030.138.pFletcher Nuttall was baptized into the LDS (Mormon) church this past week. Kathy and Treven, Fletch’s parents, hired me to do a portrait for their announcement. We got some good stuff for that purpose – after which Trev joined Fletch and I captured my favorite portrait of the day.


130925.150.KBW.BlogI was thrilled when Graphic Design Studio principal, Writer Kathy Morgan called on me to make her portrait for a speaking engagement promo. Kathy is playful in front of the camera and so a joy to photograph. Now, I just hope I’m persuasive enough to add “Model” to the long list of nouns (Neighbor, Client, Employer, Friend, Trusted Advisor) that describe our nearly three-decade association.

Ted Nuttall

130903.181.kbwA wonderful Labor Day weekend was spent with my friend, artist Ted Nuttall, at his Santa Fe home/studio – enjoying great food, wine, books and music. But most pleasurable was our conversations. We touched on our customary topics, with a little more emphasis than usual on portraiture, or more specifically, on the joys and challenges of capturing moments of human expression.

Of course, we also took time to make a few portraits.

Mike Reynolds

130606.104.COMP.KBWWriter, teacher, philosopher, luminary, friend – Mike Reynolds has been to the studio a couple of times now. Tough customer! I don’t think Mike would take offense by my saying he doesn’t respond well to direction! ;) Though in both instances, I found that posing a question regarding metaphysics was followed by a stream of splendid expression and gesture.